Anti Aging
Facial Treatment

The NEWA Skin Care System – the most advanced Anti Aging skin tightening technology available for home use

NEWA is a clinically proven skin care Anti Againg system that lifts and tightens the skin, powered by the same professional medical technology used by dermatologists worldwide.

The NEWA skin care device delivers energy deep into the dermis, stimulating the skin to naturally start producing new collagen, for tighter, radiant, younger looking skin.

NEWA Anti Aging treatments are comfortable, completely safe and pain-free, and are as relaxing and enjoyable as a warm facial massage.

How does NEWA boost collagen and reduce wrinkles ?

After the age of 30, the skin loses 1-2% of its collagen content every year, which results in sagging and wrinkled skin. NEWA’s innovative, patented Anti Aging 3DEEP technology delivers controlled and focused RF energy deep into the skin, triggering new collagen production to restore the skin’s natural support system.
This increases skin collagen content, which reduces wrinkles, tightens and lifts the skin. 

Facial machine for home use - NEWA

The NEWA Effect:

Immediately after the first treatment:

Skin looks and feels tighter, plumper and has radiant glow that people notice 

After 4 weeks
Noticeable Anti Aging effect, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, skin is firmer and smoother

After 12 weeks
Further reduction in wrinkles, tighter, smoother skin, with continuous improvement over time