NEWA users agree it works:

NEWA's satisfied users report wrinkle reduction and facial skin tightening

Happy NEWA users 

S.S 46

S.S, 46, Accountant

“The fine lines and wrinkles are becoming much less noticeable, especially the deeper wrinkles at the sides of my eyes. And the darker spots I’ve had on my face for years are now fading– they’ve almost disappeared!”


M.G , 44, Graphic Artist

“I love how the NEWA is so easy to use. It’s the best at home beauty device. I actually look forward to my daily treatments as a chance to have some quality time for myself. I use my NEWA at night, and it’s such a relaxing way to end my day.“


A.I , 56, Cosmetics Sales Attendant

“The immediate effect is amazing, so much so that I make sure to use my NEWA before every special occasion. Just a few NEWA treatments have already made such a difference in the appearance of my skin, the facial tightening is really noticeable, I can’t wait to see how I look after completing one month of NEWA therapy!”

R.W,42,Legal Office Administrator

“Even over a short period of time, I did feel my skin tone had improved, especially around my jawline and the laughter lines on my cheeks have lessened.

“My skin definitely feels and looks better and I notice the difference around my jaw line the most”

K.M ,38,Psychologist

“Skin care is very important to me, and before I chose the NEWA, I did a lot of research. I wanted to make sure that it was safe and that it works, and the NEWA proved to be all that and more. I immediately felt a change in my skin after my first few  NEWA treatments, and it just got better and better after each treatment.  My skin felt tighter, smoother, and I had this glow that other people really noticed.

L.G ,44,Marketing Manager

“My skin is starting to look a bit dull.  I found the NEWA online and decided to give the home skin care device a try, and it is simply amazing!  My skin is looking radiant , and my little lines and  crows feet are noticeably decreasing”